Java ArrayList remove element example

Java ArrayList remove element example shows how to remove element from ArrayList in Java. Example also shows how to remove all elements or specific element from ArrayList.

How to remove element from ArrayList?

To remove element from ArrayList, use remove method.

This method removes element at specified index from ArrayList. It shifts subsequent elements to the left. remove method returns element which was removed from ArrayList.


You can also use overloaded remove method which accepts the object to be removed instead of index.

This method removes first occurrence of the specified object from the ArrayList. This method returns true if the element was found and removed from the ArrayList, false otherwise.


How to remove objects from ArrayList?

Let’s try to remove objects from ArrayList.


As you can see from the output, object is not removed from the ArrayList. remove method compares the objects to find the object to remove using equals method and Emp class has not implemented equals and hashcode methods. Let’s implement these methods and try again.


How to remove all elements from ArrayList?

You can use clear method of ArrayList to remove all elements from ArrayList.


You can also use removeAll method to remove all elements from ArrayList like given below.

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